Have you ever wondered to start your own business? If the answer is yes, then you are lucky because 2019 is a promising year for motivated entrepreneurs!

Especially, for those who choose to do an online business, an online presence becomes more and more important, and such companies are experiencing a great success.

In today’s fast-moving world everyone can start their own enterprise, you need basic web development skills, eager to learn and work, and know how to promote your brand.

However, to make a business work a great concept and preparation are necessary. And when there are many fascinating ideas, it might get overwhelming to choose the only one. That is why we are recommending online business ideas that will make a profit in 2019.

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1. Online T-shirt Business

Who doesn’t want to look unique and outstanding, a big part of our appearance is the clothes we wear, that is why an online t-shirt printing business is on demand. How to start selling t-shirts?

The process is quite simple, although, it is critical to find a niche that suits your vision and mission, and do thorough research on the market to find out if your concept has a demand and could make a profit.

The next steps would be finding a reliable manufacturer, setting a budget, looking for investments and generating first leads.


2. Sell Photos Online

Do you know how to use a camera and take astonishing pictures?

Then why don’t you implement your hobby to earn extra money, photo stocks are continually searching for talented photographers who could replenish their collections. Additionally, you can combine your other passions and specialize in traveling, food, furniture, model photography.

To be noticed you need an outstanding website, it does not only have to look good but also be functional, in this case you can use CaptainForm, it is a WordPress forms plugin which eliminates all unnecessary work and makes the page look professional.

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3. Social Media Management

A compelling social media strategy is critical for a business due to online presence and communication with existing and potential clients.

As people spend more and more time on social media platforms, it becomes one of the primary communication channels with partners and customers. However, it’s not that easy as it might look, to create a powerful campaign it is necessary to have a good copywriter, marketing designer, photographer and someone who can define a target audience.

That is why companies are willing to pay a lot of money for professional social media manager, and if you know more than just how to put an Instagram story, then consider online business as social media manager.


4. SEO consultant

Search engines ranking is a necessity in order to be noticed, get steady traffic to your website, and generate potential leads and customers.

A professional SEO consultant is vital for companies to be able to compete and stand out. If you know how to use keywords correctly, choose the right links, and as a result increase business visibility, then SEO consultant is a perfect position for you to start your own online business.

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5. Accounting

You don’t have to be a part of a company to work as an accountant, many enterprises hire freelance accountants or sign short-term contracts.

It makes it is easy to start your online business as an accountant and help companies with managing budgets, revenues, expenses, payroll entries, invoices, and other accounting charges.


6. Coaching

People have to learn more and more different subjects to keep up with today’s fast-paced world, learning and developing a skill might get overwhelming if you are doing it on your own.

To avoid unnecessary fuss people willingly hire personal coaches who could help them grow, when the internet is available 24/7 online coaching business becomes a great option.

Coach people on a specific subject, for example, a foreign language, math, history or even cooking.


7. Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most accessible online businesses to start with, it requires an initial investment and basic portfolio. Nevertheless, some companies provide a free of charge permission to promote and sell their goods.

Generally speaking, you will earn money from the commission of each product you sell. It’s a good plan for those who want to earn extra money and have something on aside from a day job.


8. Translate

Are you fluent in more than one language, if so why don’t you use your valuable skills to earn money and start a business as a translator. When asked about translator job many people imagine someone who is following diplomats in foreign countries and translating every word. But in most cases, this work can be easily done online.

As a translator, you would be helping people or companies to transcribe documents, papers, books and related records.


9. Legal Writing

Legal writing is perfect for someone who has an in-depth knowledge of legal matters and also can handle a pen.

Legal writing service is mainly used by lawyers, judges, legislators and other judicial workers. It has to follow specific rules of citation, legal terms, and references, it is mostly used to prepare operating agreements, working contracts, certificates, and other legal documents.


10. Financial Consultant

As a financial consultant, you can work for companies or people to manage their money.

In general terms, if you choose to start an online business as a financial consultant, you will assist your clients on regarding matters, for instance, managing a budget, defining best investment options, choosing insurances, and other financial questions.


2019 looks encouraging for online business and because the internet and online jobs are getting more accessible it makes it easy to start a career as an online entrepreneur. However, it brings many different business options which makes it harder to find the one that suits your plans best.

Don’t worry, carefully consider all of them and pick the one that does not only have a demand but also drive you.

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