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Looking for the cheapest reseller hosting package in the world? One dollar hosting provides the cheapest reseller hosting packages. Prices start from $4.50 per month with 2000 MB of Disk Space and 20000 MB of Bandwidth.

Are you kidding me? How can I sell a hosting package with that very limited disk space and bandwidth!

One Dollar Hosting have two reasons for this one.

First, One Dollar Hosting believes that you don’t want to spend too much money for a reseller hosting package. You may want to focus to promote your business. You can’t just speculate that your business will grow easily. Besides, you will deal with losing money just for the reseller hosting package instead of providing more funds to promote your business.

So, still thinking to find the best reseller hosting package for your business? Read our features here. One Dollar Hosting is the answer for quality. Choose the cheapest reseller hosting package first, focus on promoting your online hosting business. When you have more customers you can easily do an upgrade to get more disk space and bandwidth.

Second, One Dollar Hosting reseller hosting packages are equipped with OVERSELLING feature which enable you to provide any Disk Space and Bandwidth feature for your online hosting business that could attract more customers. For example, you can assign cheap unlimited hosting plan to your customer without being terrified by Disk space and Bandwidth that you actually have. When the Disk Space and Bandwidth that you have is almost full, do an upgrade. So, again, no doubt, only One Dollar Hosting can do this with a very reasonable cheap price.

What are you waiting for? Purchase reseller hosting packages now at One Dollar Hosting!

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