Is there such thing as unlimited features in web hosting business?

Having a web hosting business is not an easy task. This business requires a good understanding not only in promoting the business but also providing good quality of the service. One thing that needs to be paid attention today is unlimited features such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

So, what is unlimited features in web hosting business actually?

Unlimited features may seems too good to be true. It’s like having an ultimate power in our hand. But the reality is everything in this world has LIMITATION, including disk space and bandwidth. Some web hosting company would say that unlimited features are just ‘a gimmick’ to attract customers. In some sense it’s true. But, as long as a web hosting company has a good  resource management, it won’t be a problem. For example, a customer can’t use all of the resources available in a web server since it can cause a sort of technical issue for other customers. So, a customer must use the available resource wisely and comply the Terms of service.

In One Dollar Hosting, the unlimited features here are limited to disk space and bandwidth. So, when you want more unlimited features such as SSH access, File sharing website and others that required many resources, it can’t be handled by One Dollar Hosting shared hosting or reseller hosting packages. Instead, you might want to choose VPS or dedicated server hosting packages.

At this point, if you need further information about unlimited hosting packages in One Dollar Hosting, please comment this post.

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