Instant or organic traffic to your website?

Instant or organic traffic?

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Today we will discuss about traffic to your websites. If you are looking traffics to your website, then you can find by using two ways, instant or organic one.

Instant Traffic

Putting online ads to Adwords, Facebook ads and many others are the easiest way to get many traffics to your website. You can get hundreds of unique visitors in one day and its very fast. The question is, is it worth?

Well, if you are running a small business, having hundreds of visitors are surely important. But, instant traffic does not guarantee that the visitors are interested to your business.

So, if you still want to get instant traffic, you will need a lot of money to invest on this one. You need to purchase a monthly-based ads to do this. The same question comes again, is it worth? You can calculate and see how many losses than profits by doing this. But do not worry, these days, online ads are cheap. You just need to know when to stop using it.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means that unique visitors who comes to your website really interested to your website. It is far better than instant traffic because they really are searching for your website and your business. What can you do to get organic traffic? Its very simple.


You need to make sure that your website is optimized for search engine. So, whenever someone is searching a keyword on a search engine, he or she will find your website. The problem is, you are not the only one who is doing the business. Your website probably is listed somewhere on very far next page that no one is looking at.

There is a way for you to get your website on the first page of a search engine. Having a unique domain name where it will be easily recognized by search engines. By doing this, your website can be on the very first page of a search engine. Do not forget to write down meta description and keywords of your website to attract more visitors. Have doubt? Get our cheap domain name with price starts from $1 and practice this one.

Unique Content

SEO likes if you have unique contents. Not just that, you also need to post unique contents regularly. By updating your website, it can bring your website closer to the first page of search engines.


Using content management system can ease your way to the first page of search engines. You can use wordpress for start that has plenty of plugin to maximize your SEO-based website.

Fast load of websites

Get a good hosting service that will speed your website load. If you use slow load hosting service, your website will not go any further, not even reach first page in search engines. To answer this question, you can try our web hosting for free and you can decide how good is our hosting service. If you are ready, you can purchase the cheapest web hosting in the planet with price starts from $1. We have Cloudflare installed to make your website loading even faster than ever. Besides, you can get free SSL connection from Cloudflare that is very important to search engine, especially google. Secured website is more valuable for search engine these days.

Blog Walking

Waiting for organic traffic can be very boring, you need to be active, you need to interact with the virtual world. Visit other websites, blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter, linkedin, and many more. By doing so, will help you to get more visitors. What you need to do is putting your website address to those social medias. Hundreds or even millions of people are in social medias these days and they are looking for you and your business.

Remember, you have to do all of these on regular basis. Besides that, organic traffic takes times and even can be very long just to get one visitor. So, make sure your website has unique domain name, interesting keywords, and meta description. If not interesting why they bother to visit your website.

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