Starting a new business with a limited budget? A dollar is enough to get an online space for your business

Want to open an online business with a limited budget? A dollar is more than enough to have an online space for your online business. Yes, a dollar or 1 dollar to be precise.

You will get more than just an online space from our web hosting services, you will get a plenty features just for you and certainly its free.

What are they?

Free CDN from Cloudflare.

Content Delivery Network from Cloudflare will speed your website access. Its 100% safe and you do not need to change your Nameservers. Simply register through our cPanel hosting account

Free SEO service from Attracta.

Get free SEO service from Attracta just by register your domain name from our cPanel hosting account. You can submit your website to 5 directories and search engines.

Free SSL

Get free WoSign SSL for your website’s security and its great for SEO

Cheap VPN

You will never get this one from other web hosting. The cheapest 1 dollar VPN for our customers. You can also get it for free if you purchase medium hosting plan.

Wait? Still have doubt on us?

Try our free web hosting service and taste our web hosting service quality. We also have trial VPN account before you purchase our VPN account.


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