Unlimited hosting?

What does unlimited means in web hosting business?

Unlimited means that web hosting companies are providing an unlimited disk space and bandwidth for their customers. This can be profitable for web hosting companies because the term unlimited seems promising to many prospective customers, especially when it is bundled with the cheapest price, such as one dollar or a dollar or 1 dollar unlimited hosting.

But, the problem with unlimited here is there is no such thing as unlimited. If you want to buy a hard disk for your computer, can you find an unlimited hard disk? I don’t thing so. As a result, the meaning unlimited is actually limited by the capacities of the server’s disc space and bandwidth. And, for many reasons, shared or even reseller hosting eventually will not allow you to put very large files on their web hosting companies as it will put a heavy burden for any web hosting server.

Should we purchase unlimited web hosting?

There is no problem for you to purchase an unlimited web hosting, eventually don’t we all purchase things that we really need instead of something that look luxurious but its actually limited.

For example, One Dollar Hosting is a sales website page for Unlimited Hosting Club. We use the name because its great to have the term unlimited but still we do not offer unlimited disc space and bandwidth.

So, better you purchase for web hosting service that you really need instead of something that too good to be true.

Again, its really up to you!

If you need more information, contact us through ticket or email us at admin@one-dollar-hosting.com and will help you to choose the right web hosting service for you.


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