We have just updated our client area and we will update our SEO service and adding more exclusive and cheap hosting plans for our customers

Dear Customers,

Update our client area to WHMCS 6

We have just updated our client area to WHMCS version 6 yesterday. We are very sorry for the inconvenience during the update.

You can access the client area today. Let us know by ticket or send us an email to admin@one-dollar-hosting.com if something goes wrong with your account or anything else.

SEO and Hosting service proposal

The last is, we are planning to update our SEO services and hosting plans.

We are going to update our SEO service by providing 100 to 300 visitors per day for 12 months. Yes, 12 months. The price will be $10. Besides that, we will promote your website to 50 Facebook groups per day for 12 months during your subscription with us. The update is under process.

Then, we will provide you an entrepreneur hosting plans with price starts from $20 per year. Yes, per year and you will get a 50 Gb disc space with 500 bandwidth with master reseller capability, which allows you to create resellers and users. Our server is anonymous, your customer will never know that you are a master reseller. Other features include free SSL for 3 years, free CDN by Cloudflare, free SEO service by Attracta. This plan is under process.

Do we have our own server?

This is a question for us, do we have our own server. The answer is YES, we have our own server. The proof is we are using WHMReseller plugin to provide master and alpha reseller hosting plans. WHMReseller is the very first cPanel plugin that provides these capability before Zamfoo and others and you know what, WHMReseller plugin limit its capability to Alpha reseller that we offer to our customers and that means again we have our own server.

With this plugin you can do daily backup of your cPanel account besides the backup feature that we assign automatically to every cPanel account.

So, do not worry about our service. Its not only cheap but its great.

Feel free to contact us for more information.



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