Microsoft to start notifying victims of 'state sponsored' hacking

Company changes policy to notify users if government-related attacks take place after previously not alerting users when Hotmail accounts were hacked Microsoft has announced that it will start notifying users it believes have been targeted by government-linked hackers, after failing Read More

Lamborghini biopic planned by producers behind La Dolce Vita remake

Lamborghini – The Legend, from Italy’s AMBI Group, will detail the sports car maker’s passion for automobiles and his lavish lifestyle The production company behind a proposed remake of La Dolce Vita is to embark on a biopic of the Read More

Google Glass 2.0: first pictures emerge

The new version of Google’s head-mounted computer has been revealed in a US government filing. Despite killing it off at the beginning of this year, Google has revealed a new version of its Glass wearable computer, aimed squarely at enterprise Read More

Will 2016 be the year virtual reality gaming takes off?

The first wave of VR headsets flopped, but soon the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR will go on sale – and they’re going to be much, much better Virtual reality is coming. 2016 will see the release of Read More

Robot panic peaked in 2015 – so where will AI go next?

This year experts from Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking warned about the havoc robots could cause the economy and humanity. How do we ensure machines are friends rather than foes? Ever since IBM’s Deep Blue defeated then world chess champion Read More