Planning to go cloud!

These days, web hosting company offers more features to their customers. Some important features that a web hosting company should have are secure, stable, fast, and certainly, quality web hosting services, which Unlimited Hosting Club is actually offer as well.

Many years have past and cloud service came with more features. “The cloud” is more or less a marketing term and a bit of a metaphor. The truth is the meaning of “the cloud” changes based on the context in which it is used. In terms of web hosting, the cloud means a large number of physical servers are all clustered together so any applications running can make use of their combined resources. With this type of hosting, virtual private servers are not simply one VPS on a single physical server. It’s in fact one of hundreds all sharing a giant pool of computer resources (source).

As you can see, cloud is more than just a server, it consists of many servers. So, if something goes wrong with one of the servers, it will not affect the performance.

Later, if you have a shared or reseller hosting plan with us, you do not need to worry about security, performance, and stability, as our cloud hosting is surely is backed up by a giant pool of computer resources, not only a single resource.

Just wait for it to launch this year.


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