Raspberry Pi 3: the credit card-sized 1.2GHz PC that costs $35

Raspberry Pi foundation launches new model as it announces 8m devices have been sold in four years, making it the UK’s all-time bestselling computer The Raspberry Pi foundation has launched the latest generation of its flagship credit card-sized computer as Read More

Hoaxes that went viral

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Apple shareholders reject diversity plan to recruit minorities as company leaders

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One Direction fan-fiction author Anna Todd launches app for her own fans

Writer of the After series promises that she’ll involve her readers in future books, while answering their questions in new mobile community Anna Todd started out writing fan fiction about One Direction on story-sharing community Wattpad, with a billion reads Read More

Ofcom tells BT to open up cable network to rivals

Openreach should be run at ‘arm’s length’, regulator says in review, but BT should keep control of network – for now BT has been told to help rivals use its infrastructure to lay fibre cables that are faster than its Read More