Wilier Strada: bike review

Some of the greatest riders of all time have won races on these classic Italian bikes. Now you can join them

This week, 110 years ago, Pietro Dal Molin founded Wilier Triestina. Since then his handsome frames have been ridden by some of the greatest riders of all time, including Marco Pantani in the 1997 Tour de France. The name of the firm is an Italian acronym for Long Live Italy, Liberated and Redeemed, while Triestina is from Trieste, the city where Wilier was founded. If you are an Italian patriot, that’s hard to beat.

Wilier has a reputation for building quick, sporty bikes, but there are also a couple of classic models in the mix, including the much- loved Strada. Its colour scheme and traditional lines hark back to the 50s, and with its comfortable position, sturdy set up and mudguards it is perfect for a quick commuter, winter trainer or more ambitious weekend ‘randoneer’.

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