Skoda Superb Estate car review – ‘It looks like a cartoon character with a friendly moustache’

This made me immediately like it, and I didn’t stop There’s something about the exterior of the Skoda Superb estate, the curve of its nose and the shape of its grill, that makes it look like a cartoon character with a friendly Read More

Samsung thinks the 'future of children's bedtime' is virtual reality stories

A dystopian future of family communication through headsets, or an inventive way to bring remote parents together with their kids – and dinosaurs? Disrupting children’s bedtimes? Most children are more than capable of doing that themselves, whether it’s noisy pillow Read More

Atari co-founder: mobile games make me want to throw my phone

Video games pioneer Nolan Bushnell is planning to revive the ‘hardcore fundamental game design’ of arcades to make mobile titles worth playing The video game arcade is the cathedral of the games industry. Veteran players see these increasingly endangered places Read More

BBC and Google in online child safety initiative

Organisations are first official partners of Internet Matters, set up two years ago to cover issues such as cyberbullying The BBC and Google have joined forces with internet service providers on an initiative to promote online safety for children. Related: Read More

Facebook is building yet another camera app

The latest app will attempt to reverse a decline in personal sharing of images and videos, according to reports Facebook is reportedly building a standalone camera app, which is its fourth such attempt. The app will make it easy for Read More