Latest racing title’s eSports mode could lead to successful drivers receiving a real-life licence. How easy will it be for gamer drivers to transfer to the track?

Two seemingly contradictory pieces of information came out of Sony’s recent unveiling of Gran Turismo Sport at a lavish event in London. First, this definitely isn’t Gran Turismo 7. In a similar vein to the ‘offshoot’ Prologue series it’s an update, adding new vehicles and tracks to a framework that is, essentially, 2013’s Gran Turismo 6. However, one key addition – the new Sport Mode – could well make this the most important Gran Turismo title so far.

At its most basic, Sports Mode is an eSports competition that offers drivers two competitive possibilities: a Nations Cup, in which top players advance through regional finals and on to the world championship; and a Manufacturer Fan Cup, with teams formed by the top driver from each of the three participating continents entering a final 24-hour race.

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