‘Acceleration is nothing to boast about, even in the most advantageous circumstances, such as going down a hill’

The highpoint of life with the jaunty little DS3 Cabrio was when I filled it with children, opened the retro fabric roof and worked out how to Bluetooth my phone to the hi-fi. We sat in a layby – there were more children than seatbelts, so I had to decant some before we could move – waving our hands in the blue, blue sky and singing to Little Mix: children like to stick their hands out of roofs the way dogs like to stick their noses out of windows. There is nothing about this car, from its contrasting blue-and-white colour to its curiously inaccessible letterbox boot, that doesn’t make perfect sense if you’re eight. I guess we have to assume 18-year-olds are the same.

The cabin is well-designed; it doesn’t feel cramped in the front, the dash is pleasing and I am such a convert to the leather steering wheel that I now feel something like the sharp offence of shiny bogroll whenever I’m required to touch anything else. It also has a leather handbrake, leather door trim and a gloss black knob, if you please. Personalisation is a big thing for this model, with a thousand variations in trim and colour to allow full expression of your, erm, personality.

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