How Pokémon Go takes us back to the real world

This summer’s video game phenomenon has brought the physical realm – including the human body itself – back into gaming

This is weird, I thought to myself recently, while standing at the urinal. That still we must live inside these leaky bodies. Pissing feels so anachronistic, doesn’t it? The body is in decline, culturally speaking. We access the office, the theatre, the supermarket and even the university from chairs via screens. Bodies increasingly feel like a hangover from those dark days before Anno Internet, when we had to go out in search of nourishment, ideas, wonder and delight. Nowadays it all comes to us: via Just Eat, via Netflix, via Attenborough and, of course, via social media, with its endless stream of data that froths over our minds. We’re happy to become brains in jars – so long as the jar is Wi-Fi enabled.

Pokémon was a way for its creator Satoshi Tajiri to revisit his lost childhood hobby of entomology

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