With a top speed of 106 and a slight reluctance to accelerate, even the sports version has a no-worries attitude

Sometimes the car isn’t the problem, you’re the problem. No, wait, I’m the problem. First, I was wearing shoes. The three-door Seat Mii feels cheap because it is cheap, and the cabin doesn’t lack elegance but has a thin, clackety acoustic that goes with not spending much.

And yet, with the sun out and the windows down, driving barefoot with the radio loud, via the six speakers and boot-mounted sub-woofer (optional, for an extra £185), you could be driving back from a beach in a hire car. Then you’d be thinking, I don’t mind this diddy car with its diddy engine, I like the nippy handling and neat gear changes and wipe-clean plastickyness. I don’t care if I get sand in it. I like the stable, if noisy, ride, it makes me feel like burning a few clicks for a kebab.

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