If being shouted at by the pottymouthed celebrity chef is the only thing missing in your life, a new mobile game is here to make your dreams a reality

Ever think that Gordon Ramsay’s TV persona is a bit cartoonish? You’ve seen nothing yet. Now, the potty mouth of the cordon bleu world has decided to become the main character in a cartoony smartphone game (created by a team whose previous illustrious achievements include Kim Kardashian’s official iPhone game). The idea: you’re based in a kitchen, and have to prep food while Ramsay loiters near the bins, offering advice. And occasional abuse.

What can we take from it, though? What lessons are to be learned from this rare insight into working up close and personal with the celebrity chef? And also, is he pleased that within a few days of release, he was right up there with “Matalan App” for popularity?

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