EMicro One scooter review – ‘It's a beast’

My enjoyment varied with the terrain

You don’t need me to tell you about the Micro scooter: it is part of the holy trinity of child-rearing, along with the Bugaboo (a large, outrageously comfort-driven baby buggy) and the Trunki (a wheeled suitcase with a charmful animal personality). They didn’t have them in our day, and people without children express through their disapproval all their hatred of modern parenting. For those with children, they’re the only game in town. My friend bought his nephew an own-brand supermarket version of the Micro and his brother picked it up and put it in the bin.

The adult version was an inevitability, and I have always scorned it as wilful infantilism, like taking up dummies or nappies because they look fun when your kid has them. But the EMicro One is a scooter with a motor, and a different beast; when you reach 5km an hour, the electric motor kicks in, then you are in a truly new transport space, somewhere between a three-year-old and a person with a mobility buggy. I don’t call it a beast lightly.

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