Jihadism in the UK may be relatively new but certain characteristics are beginning to emerge among young militants attracted to its brutal creed

Amid the bile, the hate and the prejudice, western Islamic militants fighting in Syria occasionally reveal a less brutal side. In interviews and on social media, they talk about what they miss from their homelands.

A US recruit, the commander of an armoured unit, asked friends to send him packets of Swiss Miss hot chocolate powder. A Belgian jihadi, a baker, perhaps unsurprisingly confessed to missing good bread. And Omar Hussain, a Briton fighting with Islamic State, confessed in a Q&A session with supporters that he missed BirdsEye fish fingers and Jaffa Cakes. The 30-year-old, who said he hoped to die in a drone strike, also complained that Arabs in general do not know “where the red line is in giving another brother his space” or “how to queue”.

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