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There are reports that Salman Abedi, named as the perpetrator of the attack, had visited Libya recently, with some saying he returned to the UK only days before he killed 22 people at the Manchester Arena.

The Times reports that he spent time in Libya, citing an unnamed school friend:

He went to Libya three weeks ago and came back recently, like days ago.

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Kelly Brewster, who was 32, also died in the blast, her family has confirmed to the Daily Mail.

Brewster had attended the Ariana Grande concert with her sister Claire and niece, Hollie Booth. They were both injured in the attack and are being treated in hospital.

Kelly has shielded Hollie and Claire from the damage. The three were walking out in single file, with Claire in front, Hollie behind her, and Kelly behind her.

When the bomb has gone off, the impact has broken Claire’s jaw and broken Hollie’s legs. They are both currently in hospital having nuts and bolts removed from all places.

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