Leaked documents reveal senior health officials considering a commonwealth hospital benefit that would shake up funding arrangements. Follow the day live …

11.50pm BST

Now let me just give you an idea of how the day will pan out.

The school funding package is still before the lower house.

11.46pm BST

Greg Hunt has come out to categorically deny any plans for a hospital funding overhaul.

Our commitment to private health insurance is rock solid. By contrast, we’ve seen that only a few weeks ago Labor was reported as wanting to abolish the private health insurance rebate. It’s clear and categorical. Not government policy. Won’t be government policy. Will never be government policy.

It long predates me. I know that the issue was raised with me coming out of officials meetings with the states as a possible item for Coag and I struck it out. I rejected it. I’ve rejected it once. If it ever comes forward, I’ll reject it again. I made that clear to the department at the time that this is something that I understand was from the post-federation white paper discussions, and it’s been rejected along the way, and it will be rejected.

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