Sean Spicer: White House is no longer taking question on Trump and Russia

Press secretary says all questions about investigation will be referred to Trump’s lawyer, as fired FBI director James Comey reported to testify soon The White House said on Wednesday it will no longer answer questions about the ongoing investigations into Read More

Thousands enslaved in Australia and companies linked to supply chains, inquiry told

Australian parliament is evaluating a modern slavery act, based on the UK’s 2015 legislation that led to increase in convictions An estimated 4,300 people are now enslaved in Australia, a parliamentary inquiry has been told, but Australian companies are also Read More

Bill Shorten says opposing Medicare levy rise to pay for NDIS a 'values decision'

Labor leader says party won’t give ‘millionaires a tax cut’ and make working and middle-class people pay for it Bill Shorten says Labor made a “values decision” when it decided to retain the deficit levy and only apply an increase Read More

'Human tragedy': LA homelessness jumps to record-breaking level

The humanitarian crisis has drawn comparisons to poverty in the developing world, as more than 55,000 counted living in shelters and on the streets Sign up to our monthly Outside in America newsletter The numbers of homeless people in Los Read More

Nas writes open letter to Trump: 'We all know a racist is in office'

In a meditation on racism, politics and artistic expression for website Mass Appeal, the rapper takes aim at the president’s attitudes towards race Rapper Nas has written an open letter to Donald Trump and his administration, criticizing the president for Read More