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Public transport, not more car parking, is the way forward for cities, argues Tony Waterston

Tim Walker (‘Britain is the worst place to park in the world’, G2, 29 May) appears to live in a time when the car is the only form of transport. He writes of the complaints made by drivers of the lack of free parking, and the high cost of parking, but the word “cyclist” appears only once. And yet a reduction of city-centre parking, the provision of good public transport, park and ride schemes, car clubs, plenty of cycle parking and low-cost bike hire must be the way of the future. I felt some hope when he started his penultimate paragraph “The logical next step is…” and expected this to continue “a European-style bike infrastructure”. But no, he finds that the answer is the self-driving car. Surely the answer is a sustainable transport system.
Tony Waterston
Newcastle upon Tyne

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