The James Bond star called out animal abuse with wit and charm, writes Jennifer White of Peta UK

Animals have lost a dear friend with the passing of Sir Roger Moore (Obituary, 24 May). The long-time Peta supporter may have been best known for his suave portrayal of James Bond, but we believe some of his greatest achievements were his efforts on behalf of animals, including fronting a campaign pushing Selfridges to stop stocking foie gras (it did!), boldly calling for the Queen’s Guard’s bearskin hats to be replaced with synthetic materials, and offering to pop a champagne cork with Theresa May if she brought forward a long-awaited ban on wild-animal circuses. Sir Roger was always an inspiration to work with. He called out animal abuse with wit and charm, and Peta will continue campaigning to help the animals he cared so deeply about.
Jennifer White
Media and partnerships coordinator, Peta UK

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