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The Russian Afghan war and the arms and money the US gave to the mujahideen, plus our Afghan and Iraq wars, along with the internet as a way of spreading discontent, helped turn a pathetically small number of west-hating malcontents into a growing anti-western movement. Such a movement hates and will attack all western countries, not just those which attacked Iraq etc. We cannot deny our part in radicalising part of a generation
Barry Tighe
Woodford Green, Essex

• The underlying reasons for extremists who take violent action may be varied and complex but there is no doubt that many of those attracted by Islamic State and other fundamentalist ideologies are psychologically fragile individuals in search of some form of certainty (the final solution, for a suicide bomber). The result of war and violence is a generational legacy of trauma, a major cause of psychological fragility. Conclusion: fewer wars would produce fewer terrorists.
Ki Roberts

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