Follow our rolling coverage of the coroner’s report on the Lindt cafe siege, which resulted in the deaths of three people, including gunman Man Haron Monis

4.15am BST

The NSW police commissioner, Mick Fuller, has conceded armed officers should have stormed the Lindt cafe earlier to rescue the hostages from the Sydney siege in December 2014.

The new commissioner acknowledged it was a mistake to wait but said there had still been “great hope” that police could negotiate a way in without loss of life.

4.01am BST

The coroner’s report includes testimonies of Dawson’s and Johnson’s characters by their family members. Barnes called them “touching” and encouraged people to read them to get a sense of their tragically unrealised potential.

Impossible to read this part of the coroner’s report and not cry.
Thomas Zinn writes about his partner, victim Tori Johnson #sydneysiege

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