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My colleague Jennifer Rankin, the Guardian’s Brussels correspondent, thinks Boris Johnson is not quite as upbeat about the potential benefits of Brexit as he was in the EU referendum campaign this time last year.

Boris Johnson on Brexit this morning. So much vaguer than one yr ago when he said UK was going to have all EU benefits w/o constraints.

Boris Johnson has said a Brexit deal can be sealed with “profit and honour” on both sides, hours ahead of the opening of the formal negotiations in Brussels.

The foreign secretary admitted there would need to be a discussion about the UK’s divorce bill but he said that both sides needed to “look to the horizon”, as he arrived at a meeting of EU ministers in Luxembourg.

Obviously this is the first day of the talks on Brexit and I think the most important thing is we should all start – of course there’ll be lots of discussions about the nature of the deal we are going to do – but I think we should also enter on the discussion about money and so and so forth.

But I think the most important think about us now is for us to look to the horizon. Raise our eyes to the horizon. Think about the future. Think about the new partnership.

I think the whole thing, the whole process will lead to a happy resolution that I think can be done with profit and with honour for both side and that’s what we’re aiming for.

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