Leo Varadkar’s first trip to Downing Street ended in disappointment when the PM burst his Hugh Grant dreams

Call it a difference of styles. The first meeting between Theresa May and the Irish taoiseach had been scheduled to last for two hours, but due to the Finsbury Park terror attack it was curtailed to just over half an hour. Even that might have been a bit too long, judging by the responses of both leaders at the Downing Street press conference in the afternoon. The Maybot’s account of their meeting was reduced to a few sentences about how they had agreed it was nice Ireland and the UK were physically quite close to one another, and that it would be quite nice if Britain could be simultaneously both in and out of the customs union so the current border arrangements could be maintained post Brexit. Leo Varadkar’s highlight was that he had finally got to see the staircase in No 10 which Hugh Grant had danced down in Love Actually – up until the point when the Maybot ruined his dreams by telling him the scene was filmed elsewhere.

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