The first results from last year’s census are being released today. A minister insists that despite the #censusfail, the results are accurate. So how has Australia changed in the past five years? Follow the findings live …

Small business minister, Michael McCormack, is insisting this morning that the census data can be trusted. He’s citing the high response rate as evidence the data can be treated with a high degree of confidence.

“Thanks to the very high participation rate of Australians in last year’s census, and the (bureau’s) efforts to assure the data through its rigorous quality checks, the census will provide a comprehensive and accurate account of modern Australia,” he said in a statement.

Good morning Australia, and welcome to census day! We’ll be providing live coverage of the census data as it’s released this morning, hopefully in a somewhat smoother fashion than the now infamous #censusfail of last year.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how last year’s website outages affect the quality of data released today. Those outages, you’ll no doubt remember, lasted almost two days and stymied the attempts of many Australians attempting to complete the census online. It was the first time the Australian Bureau of Statistics had attempted to shift the massive survey online. Despite the debacle, the response rates remained relatively high. An estimated 96% of occupied households completed census 2016, only slightly below the 96.5% response rate of the 2011 survey. Federal ministers and the ABS have insisted the data can be trusted.

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