DNA study necessary to settle long-running claim by woman who says she is surrealist artist’s child, says Spanish ruling

A Spanish court has ordered the remains of Salvador Dalí should be exhumed from his self-designed grandiose last resting place in an attempt to extract DNA for a paternity claim from a woman born in 1956.

Pilar Abel, a tarot card reader and fortune teller from Girona, a city close to Figueres in north-east Spain where both she and the artist were born, has been trying for 10 years to prove that she is his only child and, therefore, under Spanish law, heir to a quarter of his fortune. Abel claims she was conceived from a secret liaison in 1955 and that her mother, Antonia, told her on several occasions that Dalí was her father. She has said the physical resemblance is so close “the only thing I’m missing is a moustache”.

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