Whether you play as the killer or prey there is gruesome fun to be had, but this console transfer cuts too many corners

Watching a good slasher movie is a highly interactive experience. You cover your eyes, you jump, you lurch forward on the sofa, but mostly you yell incredulous statements at the characters such as: “No, don’t go in there!”; “Make sure he’s actually dead”, and the classic “Don’t sneak off to have sex!”. As soon as you’ve seen a few Halloween rip-offs or Scream, which made a virtue of those tropes, you know all the beats of the slasher experience – and we always think we could make a better job of surviving.

Last year, little known Canadian studio Behaviour Interactive gave PC owners the chance to test this theory with the release of Dead By Daylight, an online multiplayer slash-’em-up. Now the game has been launched on PS4 and Xbox One, and with the similar Friday 13th also available, it is a big moment for the emerging genre of asymmetric multiplayer horror.

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