From Life is Strange: Before the Storm to Mario + Rabbids, here are the titles that most beguiled and surprised at this year’s E3

Before the giant E3 video game exhibition takes place every year, it is proceeded by a series of vast press events, where publishers hope to snag just a little of the world’s attention with their latest mega releases. Filling huge venues and live-streamed to a global audience of millions, these one-hour hype-fests can make all the difference between blockbusting success and ignoble failure.

Here, then, are our 17 favourite announcements, culled from all the pre-E3 shows. We’ve stuck to games that were either revealed for the first time on stage, or were finally confirmed after months of gossip, leaks and rumours. These are the titles we want to discover more about at the show, and over the months to come.

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