The deal between the crossbench and the Turnbull government for school funding was revealed in amendments in the Senate last night and the vote is expected tonight. Follow it live…

Readers have reminded this doughy brained blogger that the Bell report landed late yesterday.

Matt Doran at the ABC reports:

Attorney-General George Brandis has been labelled “evasive” and accused of trying to curtail the independence of the solicitor-general by a Labor- and Greens-controlled Senate inquiry.

But Government senators argue the entire inquiry into Senator Brandis’ conduct in the most complex commercial litigation in Australian history amounts to a personal attack.

It also became clear that Senator Brandis only reluctantly gave former Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson permission to intervene in the High Court case on behalf of the Commonwealth to defend its interests, and that the ATO had received indications that it could have been blocked from intervening in its own right.

Throughout the committee process, Senator Brandis has attempted to obfuscate and hide the truth of his involvement in this shocking matter. He has attempted to hide behind legal professional privilege, ignoring the rules of the Senate which state this is not an accepted grounds to refuse to provide information.

The ludicrous and frankly offensive proposition that the Attorney-General interfered with the ATO’s intervention in the Bell Group litigation has been comprehensively disproved by compelling evidence presented to the inquiry by senior officers of the ATO and the [Attorney-General’s Department].

In the lower house today, the citizenship bill resumes debate so I expect we will have a vote on that at some stage today.

Labor is opposing elements of it, relating to the English language test and the four year delay before permanent residents can apply for citizenship.

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