Eurozone finance ministers agree to lend Greece €8.5bn under its bailout programme, with a commitment to debt relief in the future


And finally… Greece’s prime minister has hailed the deal.

Alexis Tsipras tweeted that

Today Greece is turning a page. We have an agreement that corresponds to the sacrifices of the Greek people.

Σήμερα η Ελλάδα γυρίζει σελίδα. Έχουμε μια συμφωνία που ανταποκρίνεται στις θυσίες του ελληνικού λαού. (1/2)

With unity and determination we move forward for fair growth and the healing of the wounds of the crisis.

Με ενότητα και αποφασιστικότητα προχωράμε μπροστά για τη δίκαιη ανάπτυξη και την επούλωση των πληγών της κρίσης. (2/2)

#Greece secured a Eur 8.5bn loan tranche. Else is pretty much hot air. Country remains stuck in a vicious cycle. Good luck with it.

Here are some photos from today’s eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg, where the Greek bailout deal was agreed:

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