Follow the latest developments as ministers are accused of failing to act on warnings and bishop reveals tone of PM’s meeting with residents

Eve Allison, a Conservative who sits on Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council, said the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower should have looked at the inside as well as the outside of the block.

“It is on our watch, it’s our responsibility, we do have a duty of care to all our residents and whatever findings and failings come out, they have to come out soon because all the community, the victims, the families, people need answers,” she told BBC Breakfast.

The Home Office is assisting the family of Mohammed Alhajali, the 23-year-old Syrian refugee who was the first fatality of the disaster to be formally identified by police, to travel to the UK to attend his funeral.

We have made contact with Mr Alhajali’s family yesterday and assisted them in making arrangement for their travel to the UK in these terribly sad circumstances.”

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