For the latest in our series of podcasts featuring the voices of Guardian members, we want to hear your questions and thoughts on the subject of Brexit

It will soon be a year since Britain voted to leave the European Union. A year in which we have learned relatively little about what is likely to happen next – Theresa May has not only failed to progress beyond “Brexit means Brexit”, she appears also to have massively weakened her negotiating hand. The “Brexit election” she rashly called after triggering article 50, which started the 24-month period in which the UK needs to strike a deal, has delivered less certainty about what it might contain. And yet exit talks are meant to begin on Monday.

We have heard feedback from many Guardian members and contributors on this subject: you have told us that you want more Brexit coverage, and that you are relying on us to hold politicians to account; to reveal the reality of claim and counterclaim. But you have also had very different views of the important issues, the best solutions to them, and the way in which we are covering them. This is unsurprising, perhaps, when our supporters now number many hundreds of thousands, living around the world.

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