From sexual harassment claims to acquiring a rape victim’s medical records, Uber’s reputation goes from bad to worse – but with little effect on its bottom line

There’s a pattern that’s becoming clear: a news story breaks, revealing Uber to have been engaged in illegal, unethical, or just downright gross behaviour. Uber half-heartedly swears it’s an exception, or it’s in the past, or that actually it is the law that is wrong anyway. Everyone expresses outrage, arguing that this is surely the story which will spell the end of Uber by causing its customers/investors/employees to abandon it in droves. And Uber continues to grow, and cement itself further in the lives of millions of customers.

You could see that this spring, when Uber leapt headfirst into a sexual harassment scandal from which it is still attempting to extract itself. First one employee – then a trickle, then a flood – came forward with allegations that the company’s working environment was hostile to women, and that HR simply didn’t care.

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