With Macron calling for controls on cheaper labour, perhaps Brexit should be reconsidered, writes Bob Nicholson. But Ian Mackillop says we ought to look closer at his policies

Angelique Chrisafis reports (22 June) Emmanuel Macron as saying that “the key to reconciling European people with the European project was to tighten rules on workers and make it harder for companies to employ cheaper labour from other EU countries or shift production to lower-wage countries, undercutting others”. Given that the new French president has identified the issue as one to resolve, why exactly is our government proposing to leave the EU and make us all poorer? There is an open goal for Labour here. Can they shoot straight?
Bob Nicholson
Frodsham, Cheshire

• Timothy Garton Ash (Opinion, 23 June) says “the rest of the EU … is making a credible stab at pulling itself together” based, it seems, on little more than the arrival of Emmanuel Macron on the political stage. Admittedly he looks good in a suit but it is surely better to base such judgments on his stated policies, which lead me to believe that he will crash and burn in two years like Hollande before him and for the same reason: he is rowing against the political tide.

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