In liberal media, Comey delivered a telling blow to the president – but among conservatives, the FBI director’s testimony merely vindicated Trump’s story

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The fallout from James Comey’s testimony to the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday is a perfect illustration of the nature of the bubbles we aim in this column to burst. In liberal media, the story Comey told has been characterized as damning, a bombshell, a telling blow. In conservative media it has been widely characterized as a victory for Donald Trump. (This morning, Trump himself described it as “total and complete vindication” on Twitter, suggesting he might have been checking in on these assessments.)

From a messy and strange situation – brought about in large part by Trump’s sheer ignorance of protocols and his impulsive tweeting – the right has found reasons to wave aside concerns about the way he approached, and cajoled the FBI director. The trouble is, they may be on to something – if Trump has not redeemed himself with his skeptics, he was not struck a killer blow.

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