One man died and four others were injured before police shot Khayre dead in Brighton, south-east of Melbourne. Follow all today’s developments

11.53pm BST

Ashton said the woman was left in the apartment when Khayre burst out and began shooting at officers. Police knew exactly where Khayre was when he began firing at them, Ashton said.

“She was in the apartment and fortunately she is safe today. She was in the apartment at the time and he didn’t harm her in the apartment,” he said.

11.50pm BST

Police say it is a “possibility” that Khayre was attempting to lure police to the scene to ambush them. Khayre had used an escort service to bring a woman to the Brighton apartments, before himself arriving with a firearm, Ashton said.

“Now, it’s early days. There’s search warrants being done. We’ve got computers and electronic items seized to go through,” he said.

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