In just 18 months the Parisian MC has gone from delivering pizzas to playing for 65,000 people. He talks football, hanging out in Manchester with Paul Pogba and what he’s learned from the UK grime scene

MHD is in London with his team at the back door of the Village Underground in Shoreditch, waiting for his Subway to arrive. In spite of his unglamorous surroundings, the French MC – dressed in DSquared jeans, patent black trainers and with freshly bleached hair – looks more like an off-duty footballer than one of the music industry’s fastest rising rap stars.

Having amassed almost 500m views of just 13 videos on his YouTube channel, he’s come a long way from the pizza delivery job he had in Paris just 18 months ago. A couple of days before his debut concert in London he performed to more than 65,000 people in his father’s home country, Guinea, where he was greeted at the airport like a head of state by huge crowds of fans.

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