The Turnbull government is keen to pass bills on Gonski schools funding and citizenship changes while beginning negotiations with its own backbench on the Finkel review. Follow it live…

As the Coalition party room prepares to arkle, Malcolm Turnbull has previewed a national security update to parliament.

He will urge Labor to support the government’s proposed overhaul of citizenship requirements with rather colourful language.

And we should make no apology for asking those who seek to join our Australian family to join us as Australian patriots – committed to the values that define us, committed to the values that unite us.

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As Canberra’s big frost thaws, the Coalition party room will farnarkle on Finkel – as in the review by the chief scientist, Alan Finkel, into electricity policy.

It will be unsustainable for those companies to survive with thousands of employees and that is replicated across the country. Unless we tackle this head-on and get a result, we will be seeing our economy going into a recession given the number of jobs that will be lost in the next 12 months.

It’s not a scare campaign.

My fear is there are literally hundreds if not thousands of companies that simply cannot cope with an increase in power prices particularly gas prices. The Finkel review wasn’t asked to look at gas prices and that is the immediate crisis we are facing in this country for energy intensive uses.

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