Basketball courts, recording studios, deep-sea submarines, helipad party decks … our writer gets a taste of the latest must-have accessories in superyacht design

A £30,000 bottle of limited-edition Hennessy cognac stands in a corner of the Saatchi Gallery, guarded by a pair of burly bouncers, while guests admire leather-clad bicycles, models of personal submarines, and undulating “wall features” carved from gigantic blocks of marble, according to the designs of Zaha Hadid.

At times, it was hard to tell if the SuperYacht Gallery – a jamboree of fancy boats and luxury lifestyle paraphernalia, with tickets starting at £50 – was actually an elaborate piece of performance art. It felt as if Charles Saatchi might be hiding inside the faceted shell of one of the mirrored sculptures on show, cackling at his latest ruse.

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