Joe McCarthy advises the Guardian to stick to its liberal guns, while Josephine Brady says society must not confuse ‘traditional’ views with intolerant ones

In response to Paul Tench’s plea for more room for the conservative perspective in the Guardian (Where is the space for traditional values?, Letters, 29 June), I’d like to ask you to stick to your liberal guns. Being a pro-choice, leftwing, feminist living in a traditionally socially conservative society can be quite oppressive. Reading the Guardian is a welcome antidote and I know I am not alone in Ireland in thinking so. Please keep up the good work.
Joe McCarthy

• The letter from Paul Tench was interesting, but I was surprised that his list of traditional values was equated largely with Protestant and Catholic. There are many people who consider themselves “socially liberal” who value marriage, commitment and fidelity and who hold nuanced views on matters such as abortion, euthanasia and a bit of peace and quiet on a Sunday. They may have a religious belief but most will not. I don’t think it’s ever helpful to assume that holding the above views makes one a conservative. And I do think that you should try harder to find writers who express a range of opinion.
Jane Lawson

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