The multiplayer-only original disappointed many players. With a new story faithful to the Star Wars canon, can EA make amends this time around?

Standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, Imperial squad commander Iden Versio does her best not to look too visibly shaken. After the Empire’s recent defeat at the Battle of Endor, its forces have been left scattered and leaderless, sending her elite commando unit to wait for orders on a nearby planet. Now, it looks like those orders have arrived. Slowly walking across the Destroyer’s intimidating deck, Versio finds herself face to face with an imperial commander – her father.

Flanked by an ominous-looking member of the Emperor’s Royal Guard, the commander coldly reveals that The Empire has a mission for Iden’s squad. In an instant, Emperor Palpatine’s face flickers into life on the Royal Guard’s holographic visor, relaying his last recorded orders to The Empire. Instructed to initiate the supposedly fail-safe Operation Cinder as revenge for his death, a surprise Rebel attack interrupts Iden’s briefing before she can glean any more information. Jumping into a Tie Fighter, she goes to tackle the threat head on.

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