Fifteen segments, 126km. What’s stopping this London walker from joining up the dots?

Why haven’t I finished? Fifteen segments that make up a ring, a Capital Ring of walking paths that loop inner London. By last autumn, when the nights began to close in and the oak trees were bare, I had completed 14 of the 15 sections. I was almost done with my 126km challenge, which had started as a lark three years earlier after I’d stumbled on to the trail near my home.

I’ve tackled east London’s concrete pathways, taken in the Thames Barrier, whose mighty floodgates protect the city upstream. I’d climbed Shooters Hill, a haunt for highwaymen and worthy of mention by Charles Dickens in a A Tale of Two Cities. I’d rested my feet on a bench at Crystal Palace, where the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations was staged in 1851.

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