The French president swept parliamentary elections on Sunday with a wave of non-career MPs who could be the most interesting politicians in Europe. But it was bad news for the party’s celebrity bullfighter

If Briton’s weren’t so wrapped up in our own great political unravelling, we would be obsessing about developments on the other side of the Channel. Emmanuel Macron’s party La République En Marche, founded little more than a year ago, has won a clear majority in the national assembly – something the Conservative party (founded 182 years earlier) signally failed to manage in the UK. Macron has effected a bloodless revolution, while the UK is mired in political paralysis.

Part of Macron’s appeal is that, rather like the Scottish National party when they swept the board in Scotland in the 2015 general election, he has brought a new set of people into politics. He determined that half his party’s candidates should not previously have been politicians, that they should be younger and more diverse than existing assembly members, and that half the candidates should be women. Macron’s directives have thrown up some intriguing new MPs:

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