Is there no room for people who hold conservative views on issues such as marriage and abortion, asks Paul Tench. Plus Dawn McAvoy takes issue with Stella Creasy’s views on the rights of women in Northern Ireland

It is quite understandable that you challenge the DUP on their past (A troubled past, G2, 28 June) and their conservative attitudes on social issues. But is there no room in the Guardian world for people who hold traditional views on marriage, abortion, euthanasia, keeping Sunday different, women who are happily content to be homemakers, etc?

It is obvious that many people in Northern Ireland, both Catholic and Protestant, hold such traditional views, as do many people in England, Wales and Scotland. The latest survey of British social attitudes (Tolerance of austerity ‘drying up’, 28 June) “identified accelerated growth in socially liberal attitudes towards sex and sexuality”, but that still means there are a lot of people who do not subscribe to those views. We don’t see as much reporting on traditional views in the Guardian as we do on liberal attitudes. We are used to seeing articles attacking and even mocking traditional views, but never any that question, let alone criticise, liberal views.

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