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Downing Street’s decision to announce an inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal is the second example we’ve had in less than two weeks of how much power backbenchers – plus John Bercow, the Commons speaker – now exercise over the executive because Theresa May does not have a majority.

On the final day of the Queen’s speech Bercow announced that he would call Stella Creasy’s amendment saying the government should pay for women from Northern Ireland to get an abortion in England if they need one. Bercow did not have to call the amendment, and previous speakers would probably have chosen not to. But Bercow used his discretion to decide that the matter should be put to a vote and, because Creasy had drummed up wide support in the Commons, about three hours later the government announced that it would pay for these abortions. That way ministers averted a debate they knew they would lose.

Number 10 has announced there will be an inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal.

NEW: govt announces inquiry into contaminated blood scandal.

Decision given to cabinet today by May and Jeremy Hunt. Hunt said 2,400 people had died in “appalling injustice”, No 10 spokesman says

Govt will consult relatives on scope of inquiry. Could be judge-led or Hillsborough-style panel.

More details being given to Commons by health minister Philip Dunne later.

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