Red Dead Redemption contains one of the greatest sequences in the history of interactive entertainment. How can we expect the sequel repeat the trick?

I’m starting to worry about Red Dead Redemption 2. Not because I’ll have two young kids by the time it’s released, which means I’ll still be stuck on the bit where they teach you how to herd cows until about 2019, although that is obviously an issue.

No, I’m worried about Red Dead Redemption 2 because it’s bound to be a disappointment. Sure, the worlds are likely to be bigger. Sure, the faces are likely to be more expressive, sure there is probably going to be an amazing online mode where we all get to live together in a wild west town, like a video game version of WestWorld (which is itself a comment on video game worlds, but let’s not go there right now). However, ask yourself this: how on earth can you improve on a game that contains one of the greatest moments in the history of interactive entertainment?

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